Exploring Current Trends in Citizen

Broadcast Date: 
Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Elected officials are focused on strengthening the community—from empowering stakeholders across each department, to promoting citizen engagement. Unfortunately, elected officials are hard-pressed to find a dynamic solution that serves both their citizens and their stakeholders.

This webinar will review the current trends in citizen engagement and give insight into helpful ways you can better communicate with your residents. With the increase in website use, local governments can optimize their online presence in various ways.

Join representatives from Edmunds GovTech who will provide some helpful tips and tricks and include examples of ways software has helped over 2,000 local government entities increase their citizen engagement through websites, web portals, and mobile apps.

DISCLAIMER:  This webinar contains information and content supplied by third parties and may include promoting or selling services or goods. The information provided by presenters in this webinar does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by NHMA, nor do we endorse the views they express of the products/services they offer.  It is your responsibility to verify and investigate providers and services.