10 Steps to Successful Succession Planning

Broadcast Date: 
Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Planning for the future is never high on anyone’s list and oftentimes it’s why we get caught in a bind. It’s always easier to delay this discussion. But in our business, succession planning is essential to ensure the continued operation of our wastewater treatment facilities as well as to provide other municipal services.

Succession planning is a strategy used to pass leadership roles down to another employee or group of employees.  This strategy involves identifying potential successors for key critical roles and making sure they are prepared for the job ahead. The most common question is “How to get started?”, but the most important question is, “When to get started?”, and the best answer to that is “Now”.

Join Ray Gordon who will outline these 10 steps and show us how to get the process started.  Ray Gordon is the WWTF Administrator for the Winnipesaukee River Basin Program, a state-owned and operated wastewater treatment facility that serves ten town in the lakes region of New Hampshire.

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