TULIP Program – A Guide for Users

Lisa Roche & Ron Davies

Many municipalities and schools are hesitant to allow their facilities to be used for special events because they fear liability exposure. This is unfortunate because many of these facilities are ideal for third parties hosting events and sporting activities. Allowing the use of municipal and school facilities for events creates community goodwill and bonding, which is a worthy goal for government.  However, the municipality or school must take reasonable steps to protect itself.  Having adequate liability coverage is essential.  Property-Liability Trust (PLT) understands this need and has adopted the TULIP Program as a way to address the special events insurance needs of its Member groups.


What is TULIP Program


The Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) Program provides low cost General Liability coverage to “third party” users of our Member facilities for events. It is used by PLT Member municipalities and school districts throughout New Hampshire to permit Tenant Users to use Member facilities for private events.  It protects both the Tenant User and the Member against claims by “third parties” who may be injured or have property damage, as a result of attending the event. By purchasing the coverage under a policy written for all Tenant Users of a specific facility, the Tenant User not only meets the contractual obligations required by the facility, but obtains coverage that is more competitive than purchasing a single special event policy.


Types of TULIP Coverages available


Coverage is obtainable for single-day events including but not limited to weddings, parties, reunions, concerts, charity benefits, and sporting events. The Tenant User’s premium quote is based upon the risk associated with the given event or activity, the number of days coverage is needed, the number of attendees and if there are any special requirements, such as alcohol liability, food service, etc. Some events cannot be covered, including circuses, carnivals, mechanical amusement devices, motorized sporting event, pyrotechnical uses and rap/heavy metal concerts. Others may require underwriting consent. Property-Liability Trust (PLT), which provides property and liability protection, has made arrangements with Entertainment Brokers International (EBI) to provide reasonably priced, general liability insurance for special events through EBI’s Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) program to individuals or clubs who need coverage for private events. The use of EBI’s TULIP program is voluntary and the Tenant User is not obligated to use EBI.  They can also go to local insurance brokers or to whomever they wish.  If they do go to EBI they will find its rates reasonable and the Member’s involvement minimal.


Online Quotes Available


Interested parties can obtain an insurance quote for their special event by first notifying the Member and getting permission for the date and the use of the property, then logging onto EBI’s secure Web site at www.ebi-ins.com/tulip. The Member will provide the Tenant User a seven digit ID code that identifies the Member within the EBI system. Follow an on-line process to enter this ID code and answer a few basic questions about the event to receive an on-line quote.  If the type of event is already on EBI’s approved underwriting list, a three-step transaction can be completed within 10 minutes to have the coverage bound. The EBI system will also notify the Tenant User if the event must be referred for further rating or acceptance.  In that case the Tenant User may have to provide additional information that is not easily communicated by the online form. EBI will communicate via e-mail to the Tenant User as to the final disposition of the request. If approved online, the Tenant User can immediately purchase coverage with a valid credit card.  A Certificate of Insurance will then be sent to the Tenant User and to the Member to show evidence of insurance.  Please be advised that only a credit card transaction for the full amount can be used for payment of the premium.  No other payment options are available. If the Tenant User has difficulties with the website they may call EBI at 1-800-507-8414 for assistance.


Advantages of the TULIP Program


There are many advantages to the TULIP Program. They include:


  • TULIP Program is designed to be transactional non-bid business for the benefit of the carrier, Tenant User, and Member.
  • The program is generally designed for short-term events with limited start-up and teardown time.
  • Rates are set per event/per day or per admission.
  • The program provides an automated rating and quoting process that would enhance response time.
  • Eliminates the need and potential difficulties for the Tenant User to find acceptable insurance and provides a certificate of insurance to the Member.
  • Offers convenience and functionality to both the Tenant Users and Members.


A Tenant User without event coverage or the TULIP Program may find they are uninsured for the event. This increases the risk of liability unnecessarily. The TULIP Program is a tool that benefits both the Member and the Tenant User by providing protection to both without the fear of being uninsured for a special event.


Lisa Roche is Claim Representative III for Property-Liability Trust.  She may be contacted at 800.646.2758 ext. 3364 or at lroche@nhlgc.orgRon Davies is Claim Manager for Property-Liability Trust.  He may be contacted at 800.646.2758 ext. 3383 or at rdavies@nhlgc.org.