Ten High School Graduates Receive 2012 John B. Andrews Scholarship Fund Awards

Ten high school graduates have each received a $750 scholarship from the John B. Andrews Scholarship Fund, a 501 (c)(3) entity administered by the New Hampshire Local Government Center. The scholarships are funded through private donations, and one scholarship for 2012 was generously funded by the New Hampshire Government Finance Officers Association. Scholarships are available to children of current or retired New Hampshire municipal, school, county and village district employees and officials of local government units that participate in LGC services or are members of the New Hampshire Municipal Association.

Eighty-two scholarship applications, representing 49 New Hampshire high schools, were received this past winter for review by LGC board members from schools and municipalities throughout the state. Applicants were judged on academic achievement, extracurricular school activities, community service and three letters of reference. An essay on “If I were an elected official in my town/city/school district, I would be a (name position of choice), and this is what I’d do” was also required of each applicant.

More than $62,000 in higher education funding has been awarded to high school seniors since the Scholarship Fund was created in 2005.

“As a mayor of the city of Nashua, I would work to balance a budget with the needs of the citizens and would ensure the success and growth of the city not only now, but for years to come…. [T]he development of a knowledgeable and productive generation must be strengthened through new legislation and altered to accommodate for changes in the community.”
Serguei Balanovich, Nashua, NH
Nashua High School North graduate; son of Accounting Specialist Lioudmila Balanovich, SAU #26, Merrimack School District

“As a member of the school board, I would advocate for making learning interesting as well as for clearing out old, ineffective methods of teaching…. When students see how the information they’re being taught extends far outside the classroom, their interest, awareness, and motivation all soar as a result … [T]here is no better way to hook [students] on a topic than to surround them with it….”
William Brian Burke, Moultonborough, NH
Moultonborough Academy graduate; son of Firefighter-EMT Bill Burke, Town of Moultonborough

“[A]s an elected official of the great City of Dover, I would be passionate…. I would devote my passion, my mind, and my drive to make sure that Dover would always be the best it could be. This wonderful city has given me so much—a place to grow, a place to learn, and a place to call home—and it would be an honor to truly give back.”
Morgan Wentworth Chalue, Dover, NH
Dover High School graduate; son of Retired Superintendent Paul Chalue, City of Dover

“My final goal as a school board member would be to create an environment in which the kids want to learn.... When  [children] can see what is really happening, and when they can experience the thrill of learning something new they can fully understand what knowledge is being attained.”   
Wendy Catherine Eaton, Washington, NH
Hillsboro-Deering High School graduate; daughter of Selectboard Chairman Guy Eaton, Town of Washington

“As a member of the school board, I would be determined to educate… Simply put, knowledge is power. However, education, knowledge and power are not cheap. We must be willing to support our schools, and that means paying the price…. Salem High School must achieve above and beyond what is considered standard and acceptable.”
Catherine P. Fazioli, Salem, NH
Salem High School graduate; daughter of Secretary Carol Fazioli, Salem High School

“As a school board member, I would strive to … improv[e] the quality of education, to build community involvement with the town’s school system, and to reward teachers for excellence and student achievement.”
Mark HoSang, Bedford, NH
Bedford High School graduate; son of Cemetery Trustee Elizabeth HoSang, Town of Bedford

“If I were elected mayor, the creation of more, stable, and higher-paying jobs would be my first major task…. Before the commencement of “Project Get-Jobs,” I’d need to reach out to my city planner, the city manager, and my forward-thinking city council members for assistance.”
Monique Lafreniere, Claremont, NH
Stevens High School graduate; daughter of Teacher Deborah Lafreniere, SAU #88-Lebanon School District

“As social service coordinator I would have the ability to help residents receive food stamps, housing, and fuel assistance. … With this position I would be able to give back to all the people who gave so much for me.”
Brittany Little, Meredith, NH
Inter-Lakes High School graduate; daughter of Library Trustee Tina Louise Antonucci, Town of Tuftonboro

“As a Selectman, I would also encourage the idea of Community Gardens…. I feel strongly that we need to start taking steps to ensure that our Town, and the planet as a whole, is left healthy for the next generation.”
Ashlynn W. Parkhurst, Columbia, NH
Colebrook Academy graduate; daughter of Town Clerk Marcia Parkhurst and Tax Collector Garry Parkhurst, Town of Columbia

“As Chair of the Brentwood Conservation Commission, my first action would be to encourage the open discussion and education of Brentwood’s residents on the topic of protection and utilization of Brentwood’s land…. I believe that the protection of my town’s natural resources, water systems, and open space is crucial to the preservation of Brentwood’s future.”
Heather Maryse Gallo Seeley, Brentwood, NH
Phillips Exeter Academy graduate; daughter of Budget Committee Chair Elyse Gallo Seeley, SAU #16-Exeter Cooperative School District

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