Live On: Take Charge of Your Health

LGC HealthTrust Announces 2012 Slice of Life Program Changes

Editor's note: Beginning January 1, 2012, the New Hampshire Local Government Center (LGC) HealthTrust's Slice of Life program will feature the following new components.

Gordian Health Solutions, LGC's wellness partner for almost five years, has recently changed its name to Onlife Health. The name change reflects their new programming, built on over 15 years of scientific research and experience in helping people improve their health. Onlife's programming maintains the high-touch Health Coaching they have delivered in the past, but offers a wealth of new and exciting features for participants in the coming year.

With the help of these wellness programs, LGC HealthTrust enrollees are getting healthier. More individuals are moving into the low-risk to moderate-risk health range each year while the high-risk population has declined. The new features offered through Onlife will continue to help people reduce their health risks.

Live on program features include:

onmyway™ Health Assessment
The onmyway™ Health Assessment gathers information from the participant that will identify areas for health improvement and appropriate onmytime and onmyteam programs tailored to each individual's specific needs. Once the questionnaire is completed, the individual receives an in-depth report that provides recommended preventive and lifestyle changes for improving their health. Also available is a Health Care Provider Report that the participant can print and share with their physician.

Live On Member Web Portal
A new Live on Member Web Portal creates a unique experience to facilitate meaningful change for each participant. The website allows individuals to assess, discover and track their health—on their time, on their terms. All eligible enrollees are invited to actively participate regardless of their risk level. The Participant Dashboard within the portal is designed to provide a snapshot of all the health and wellness information relevant to the individual's goals. The innovative design of this page makes it simple for individuals to access their goal information, self-directed program information, Health Coach and status of program steps as well as current health news that is pertinent to the active goals of the participant. Also accessible from the dashboard are a vibrant user community and social network, trusted health information and resources, tracking tools including a food and exercise diary and interactive health calculators, discussion boards and more to help participants meet their health goals.

onmytime Self-Directed Programs
A series of onmytime Self-Directed Programs are featured on the dashboard and have been designed to support and motivate those individuals wishing to take charge of their health. Courses are intended to provide key clinical and behavioral information that is pertinent to the individual's condition(s). Additionally, courses provide the tools to understand why individuals are motivated to change, tips on sustaining a high level of motivation and, most critical to the behavior change process, the appropriate tools and resources that teach the individual how to change and how to maintain those healthy behaviors over time. Topics include nutrition, weight management, physical activity, stress and tobacco. Courses consist of 12 lessons that participants can complete at their own pace. Structured lesson plans within each topic area include weekly activities, educational articles, video content, tracking tools, access to a personal health record and individual action plans to help build a foundation for better health.

onmyteam Dedicated Health Coaching
The onmyteam Dedicated Health Coaching is available over the phone or online, and participants can connect with the same Dedicated Health Coach every time they call or email. Onlife's professional health coaches are highly trained to educate, motivate, guide and support the participant. They develop trusted relationships with their participants and are truly invested in helping people live healthier lives.

Whether it's to fight the battle of the bulge, give up smoking or cook healthier meals for the family, Onlife creates a personalized experience that makes it easy for someone to achieve the change they want, helping them to live their life "on."

Activation kits with full participation details will be mailed to all enrollees in early January.

Slice of Life changes coming in 2012.

For questions related to Onlife Health, please contact their customer support staff at 866.564.5327. For questions related to the Slice of Life program, please contact LGC's Enrollee Services Department at 800.852.3358.