Building a Municipal Resource Library

Every municipal office should contain a collection of resource materials that are readily available. Do you know where to find your municipal library materials? LGC publishes a variety of publications for local officials and many publications are updated annually to reflect changes in New Hampshire law. With the release of each new edition, we send one complimentary copy to each municipality. Based on some of the questions received by LGC’s Legal Services hotline, and the number of callers unable to locate their town’s copy of attorney-referenced publications, it seems clear that some inventory control may be in order. Consider organizing a bookshelf in your town office and placing a sign out sheet to track publications and ensure that they remain readily available for easy access.

The Well-Stocked Bookshelf

The following list includes a brief description and most recent edition year for each publication. LGC provides each member municipality with one complimentary copy of every publication produced during the year, and additional copies are available at a discounted member price. Many publications are also available in CD version. You’ll find a complete list of publications and pricing in the “publications" section of the LGC website. Publications can be ordered online or by calling 603.224.7447, ext. 100 or e-mailing

The Art of Welfare Administration (2008)

This publication provides an overview of New Hampshire law as it relates to municipal welfare administration.

Basic Financial Policies: A Guide for New Hampshire Cities and Towns (2009)

This publication provides an overview of financial policies covering the following areas: cash receipts, investment, purchasing, credit card and purchasing card, fund balance for the general fund, debt, fraud and user fees. (The 2009 edition was mailed in January.)

The Basic Law of Budgeting (2008)

This handbook provides a solid base of information on municipal budget law in New Hampshire.

Court Update (2008)

This publication provides a quick, comprehensive reference for New Hampshire Supreme Court decisions on municipal cases.

Directory of New Hampshire Municipal Officials (2008/2009)

This directory includes contact information for New Hampshire municipal officials and staff, as well as valuable state and federal contact information, property tax information and a full municipal product and service guide.

Final Legislative Bulletin (2008)

This booklet summarizes the 2008 legislative session, providing descriptions of 105 chapter laws affecting local government.

A Guide to Legislative Advocacy (2006)

This booklet will help local officials understand the legislative process and learn how to work effectively with Government Affairs staff to represent their communities’ interests.

Guidebook for New Hampshire Elected City Officials (2008)

This publication provides an overview of municipal law as it applies to city government issues for elected city officials.

A Hard Road to Travel (2004)

This is a great educational resource for local officials and others interested in New Hampshire roads.

How to Regulate Junk & Junkyards (2007)

This publication provides an overview of the various laws and resources available to assist local officials in the licensing and regulation of junk and junkyards.

Important Dates for Local Officials Calendar (2009)

This wall calendar provides a full listing of the dates that local officials need to be aware of to plan for town meeting season, with information for traditional and SB 2/official ballot town meetings.

Knowing the Territory – A Survey of Municipal Law for New Hampshire Local Officials (2008)

This publication provides an overview of local government in New Hampshire. It includes chapters on understanding the law, employment issues, the state/municipal relationship, the role of selectmen, right-to-know issues, public safety and more. Every local official should be familiar with this publication. The 2009 edition will be available in May.

Model Local Welfare Guidelines (2004)

This book includes sample guidelines and forms for local officials dealing with the complexities of administering local welfare. A bonus CD allows users to customize materials for local use.

Special Events Planning Guidebook (2006)

This publication is designed for use by public officials responsible for coordinating special events to help with identification and management of potential loss exposures that could disrupt event activities.

Town Meeting and School Meeting Handbook (2009)

This handbook provides an overview of town and school district meeting procedures, including elections, conduct of meetings and more. (The 2009 edition was mailed in early February.)

Wage, Salary & Benefits Survey for Municipalities (2008)

This publication compiles information from the annual survey of New Hampshire municipalities on wage, salary and benefit information for dozens of municipal positions.

Municipal Law Lectures

These publications are produced annually to accompany LGC’s fall law lecture series, and provide a detailed analysis of specific land use legal issues affecting municipalities. Many of these publications are authored by outside attorneys and may present views which differ from those of LGC attorneys. Please note that laws may have changed since the time of publication. Publications are available while supplies last.

2008: Land Use Legislation 2008; Effective Use of Code Enforcement Tools; The Revised Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act

2007: Land Use Law Update; Un-common Ground: Working Together to Achieve Conservation and Development Goals; Legal Issues for Land Use Board Members

2006: Procedural Basics for Planning and Zoning Boards; Environmental Permitting: The Role of Local Officials; Road Access and the Municipal Planning Process

2005: Off-Site Exactions & Impact Fees: Balancing Municipal Interests and Private Property Rights; Ethics for Land Use Board Members; Land Use Regulation: Constitutional Challenges and the Evolving Law of Variances

2004: Basics of Subdivision and Site Plan Review: The Municipal Perspective and the Developer’s Perspective; Land Use Law Update; New Challenges for Municipal Regulation of the Environment

Virtual Resource Library

The Internet offers an array of resources available at your fingertips. Bookmark the following websites for easy access to information.

State Websites

NH Department of Environmental Services. Administers a variety of regulatory, planning and public information programs

NH Department of Labor. Administers minimum wage, overtime, workers’ compensation and employment safety laws

NH Department of Revenue Administration’s Municipal Services page. Contains municipal forms and technical assistance

NH Department of Safety. Administers state fire code, international building code, emergency management and emergency medical services programs, among other functions

NH Legislature’s home page. Useful for searching the text and status of bills and the House and Senate calendars

NH Office of Energy and Planning. Resource Library is very helpful for examples and technical assistance with planning issues

NH Office of Legislative Services Administrative Rules. Access to administrative rules of the state agencies

NH Public Employee Labor Relations Board. Administers Public Employee Labor Relations Act, RSA 273-A

NH State Statutes online. Offers a “browse" option to locate something specific through the table of contents and a “search" option

Federal Websites

U.S. Government site

Information and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act

U.S. Department of Labor

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

IRS. Access special materials titled Tax Information for Government Entities

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