New Hampshire's Right-to-Know Guide 2023

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photo of rock cairn in the white mountains, green header with white lettering "New Hampshire's Right-to-Know Law 2023"
Publication Date: 
Monday, November 13, 2023

New Hampshire's Right-to-Know Law


98 pages


Right-to-Know Law Glossary of Frequently Used Terms

Chapter One: Public Meetings

 Chapter Two: Nonpublic Sessions

  Chapter Three: Governmental Records

 Chapter Four: Remedies for Violations of the Right-to-Know Law


  1. Chapter 91-A: Access to Government Records and Meetings
  2. Remote Participation Checklist
  3. Draft Meeting Minutes - Practical Considerations 
  4. Nonpublic Sessions Minutes Checklist
  5. Disclosure of Law Enforcement Records Under the Right-to-Know Law
  6. Chapter 33-A: Disposition of Municipal Records

 Table of Cases

Table of Statutes, Regulations and Constitutions