The Basic Law of Budgeting: A Guide for Towns, Village Districts, and School Districts

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Basic law of budgeting cover; Pencil writing on ledger page
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Basic Law of Budgeting, a Guide for Towns, Village Districts and School Districts 2022

110 pages

Table of Contents

About this Publication

Introduction to the Municipal Budget Law

Glossary of Terms

Chapter 1. Appropriations

Chapter 2. ‘Gross Basis’ Budgeting

Chapter 3. Warrant Notice and Permissible Amendments

Chapter 4. No Spending Without an Appropriation

Chapter 5. When Do Appropriations Lapse?

Chapter 6. Transfers of Appropriations During the Year

Chapter 7. The Budget Committee

Chapter 8. Appropriations under the Official Ballot

Chapter 9. Basic Town, Village District and School District

Chapter 10. Capital Improvements Plans: An Important Financial

Chapter 11. Understanding the Property Tax System

Appendix A: Custody and Expenditure of Common Town Funds

Appendix B: Fees, Licenses, Permits & Penalties

Appendix C: Financing Options

Appendix D: Assessed Value Illustrations

Appendix E: Tax Rate Impact Worksheet

Appendix F: State Aid to Municipalities

Appendix G: Timetable for Special Town Meeting

Appendix H: Due Dates for Municipal, School & Village District Forms

Appendix I: Trustee of Trust Funds – Annual Reporting Overview 

Appendix J:  Default Budget FAQ

 Table of Statutes