Wastewater Operations Manager


The Wastewater Operations Manager performs technical and supervisory work in the daily operations of the City's wastewater treatment facilities.  The incumbent works under general direction of the Deputy Director of Public Works or his/her designee. Work is performed in accordance with standard practices and previous training, with substantial independence in determining the sequence and timing of duties and in planning and organizing the work activities.  Incumbent uses judgment to solve problems of detail or unusual situations by adapting methods or interpreting instructions.  Instructions for new assignments or special projects usually consist of statements of desired objectives, deadlines and priorities.  Technical and policy problems or changes in procedures are discussed with supervisor.  Incumbent prepares and submits weekly reports on treatment operations and preventive and corrective maintenance status for the supervisor’s review. Incumbent stays current on and studies industry trends for application to City treatment operations.

Incumbent trains and evaluates employees and provides input for the discipline, hiring and firing of employees.  Incumbent develops treatment system and staff performance metrics and tracks performance against targets. Workload fluctuates predictably throughout the year.   Incumbent is on call for emergencies 24 hours per day 7 days per week.


The essential functions or duties listed below are intended only as illustration of the various types of work that may be performed.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to, or extension of, the position.

  1. Oversees operation of wastewater treatment components and staff. Develops operational policies and procedures. Responsible for assuring the wastewater treatment facility operates efficiently and provides a consistent high level of service for the municipally.

  2. Exercises sound judgment in decisions related to treatment facility operations to avoid compliance, regulatory and other legal repercussions for the City. Adjusts daily and routine operations for changes in treatment needs, managerial or regulatory requirements. Studies operational trends to evaluate options for improved performance.

  3. Reviews state and federal wastewater treatment regulations. Informs responsible officials of treatment methods, compliance standards and deadlines. Compiles and submits required daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports as required by wastewater regulators or Supervisor.

  4. Administers employee training related to wastewater treatment, operation and maintenance, enforces all regulations, laws and applicable rules related to these items. Advises operating personnel of the treatment results achieved.  


  5. Performs administrative duties for division; prepares bid documents; maintains records and data; develops record and report forms; compiles information, prepares and submits monthly reports according to city, state, and federal requirements. Review annual budget, tracks budget expenditures and provides recommendations for future budgets. Regulatory reporting requires incumbent to assure through signature that information collected is to the best of their knowledge complete and accurate and is required to meet certain regulatory guidelines, rules and laws established through the NH Department of Environmental Service and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

  6. Takes or directs staff to collect wastewater samples throughout the treatment system.  Tests samples to determine their regulated content and the required corrective actions to maintain compliance. Maintains sample, test results and recommendations. Records and informs operating managers of his/her findings and recommendations.

  7. Investigates and/or assists in the investigation into treatment concerns and advises responsible officials of issues, investigation results and recommended courses of action, if any.  Appropriately summarizes the findings.

  8. Corresponds with customers, municipal, state, and federal officials and consultants regarding regulatory requirements related to wastewater treatment.

  9. Orders and maintains adequate inventory and proper storage of equipment and supplies.

  10. Maintains daily logs and monitoring equipment necessary to manage wastewater treatment resources and quality to the highest standards.

  11. Works on special projects and pilot projects in an effort to enhance operations; works with engineering firms on studies and other appropriate measures to improve and protect water quality.

  12. Assists the Deputy Director or his/her designee in the development and implementation of policies related to wastewater treatment.

  13.  Develops and oversees the implementation of standard operating procedures.

  14. Manages and assists with the implementation of the City’s Industrial User Program. Receives and reviews new and renewal permit applications. Develops and submits for approval permits to Supervisor. Maintains records (including inspections) and regulatory compliance information related to the program.

  15. Coordinates the City’s Sewer Department for improved Fats, Oils and Grease control and identification of illicit discharges. Develops outreach material with Sewer Department for public education and outreach. Relays information measured or observed at the treatment facilities to the Sewer Department in order to facilitate identification of illicit or inappropriate discharges. Assists in investigations.

  16. Assists the engineering group with planning, development and implementation of design and construction projects at the wastewater treatment facilities. Integrates facilities master plan projects into proposed work and prepares for funding in advance through the City’s Capital Improvement Plan process.

  17. Is on call for emergencies 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

  18. Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


  1. A thorough knowledge of current wastewater treatment regulatory requirements, operating characteristics, alternative methods and practices used to attain regulatory compliance, microbiology, laboratory standards and procedures and the general physical condition of the wastewater treatment.

  2. Thorough knowledge of computer automated equipment, computer software systems, programmable logic controllers and SCADA systems.

  3. A strong commitment to providing a high level of service for the utility's customers and the treatment of wastewater to meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

  4. A detailed knowledge of potential job related hazards and protective practices. A working knowledge of current supervisory practices.

  5. On-going professional development and training in wastewater treatment, collection, maintenance, troubleshooting, control and technology.

  6. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with customers, co-workers, subordinates, other municipal departments, regulatory agencies and City officials.

  7. Ability to communicate effectively with customers, other employees, City officials and other agencies orally, in writing and by listening in the activities of discussion, instruction, presentations, notes and reports appropriate for the position. 


Applicants for this position must have a Bachelor’s degree in wastewater treatment, environmental engineering, chemistry, biology, bacteriology or a related field, a Master’s degree or Professional Engineering license is preferred. Incumbent must have  minimum of 7 years of work experience with progressively increasing levels of responsibility and managerial responsibilities.  Incumbent must possess a valid driver’s license and have no offenses which would prohibit or restrict insurability by any insurance carrier providing coverage to the City.  Candidate should have current NH Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Grade IV license or ability to obtain within 18 months of hire. Obtaining additional certification or licensing may be required.

For the full job description and to apply:  https://nh-portsmouth.civicplushrms.com/CareerPortal/JobDetail.aspx?enc=QPQDKqwXNuJybHyCBjvzpwZ5hV8h1bRYCdHtNjejSuJFCmtWAFb6F1VXp0ZkocgqhHmz43kJ2cBPzUu6yl1Zfg==






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Monday, August 31, 2020
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