Utility Mechanic- Pool/Spa Technician

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This position is to operate, clean, perform routine and preventive maintenance on, and secure the City’s swimming pools, spas, related pumps, filters and equipment, and the associated buildings and grounds.  It involves performing frequent water quality tests.  Chemical and other additives must be appropriately applied to maintain required water quality, bacteria kill, ph balance, and applicable health and safety standards.  All facilities must be cleaned, maintained, and ventilated to provide for their safe use and proper appearance including access ways, decks, public and staff lavatories, locker rooms, pools, spas, safety equipment, function rooms, HVAC systems, and service areas.  The work involves entering the swimming pool using SCUBA under supervision and performing work under water.  Careful records of all water tests and water quality and facility maintenance activities must be maintained. 

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City of Portsmouth
Close Date: 
Monday, November 6, 2023
Pay rate is $23.28 - $25.66 an hour