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 The Marlborough, NH Police Department is accepting applications to fill a full-time police officer position made available by a recent retirement.  We are also accepting applications from full or part-time certified officers looking for part time employment with our town.   

The Marlborough Police Department is one of few local agencies that offer a take home car program for full-time officers.  Each officer is assigned their own cruiser outfitted with all necessary equipment.  All uniforms, body armor, and boots are issued by the department.  Advanced and varied training opportunities are not only available but encouraged for our officers on a regular basis.  The Town of Marlborough provides excellent health and dental insurance, as well as other competitive benefits (paid vacation, personal time, sick leave, state retirement).  Holiday pay is double-time and a half.  Additional $5000 (approximate) of on call pay per year and overtime available, as well as state overtime grants when funded.  Our full-time officers work four ten-hour shifts per week, and no midnight/overnight shifts are required.

Candidates must be 21 years old upon date of hire (18 for part-time positions) and pass the following to be considered for employment: physical agility test, oral board, extensive background check, medical exam, and psychological evaluation.  Current physical fitness standards can be found at https://www.pstc.nh.gov/faq/index.htm#fitnesstest

NH Certified Officers:

The Town of Marlborough, NH has implemented a police hiring incentive program.  Currently certified officers will benefit from a substantially increased pay scale and hiring bonuses as follows:

NH Certified Officers with a Minimum of Two Years of Experience:

Eligible for a $6,000 hiring bonus paid in three installments

$2,000 upon completion of FTO/probation (approximately six months)

$2,000 upon completion of one year

$2,000 upon completion of two years

Current NH certified officers will earn a minimum base salary of $24.88 hourly ($51,750.40).  Officers with more experience may start at a higher rate of pay. 

The Marlborough Police Department is now using the NH State Police pay scale/step raise system as a guideline for employees with satisfactory performance reviews.  The first four annual step raises would increase the salary for this position to $29.32 hourly ($60,985.60).

The current top pay for this position is $34.85 hourly ($72,488.00).

We are also looking to fill part-time officer positions with current NH certified officers.  The part-time positions offer between eight and twenty-four hours per week and pay $20-$22 hourly.

Out of State Certified Applicants:

Are you tired of “take a number” police work?  Does your current administration put their own interests ahead of the rank and file?  Are you looking to make the move to a state much safer and better suited for raising a family?  If any of your answers are “yes,” give us a call to learn more about our department and the opportunities available to you.  Here in Marlborough, your skills are valued and your efforts in the community have benefits you can see and feel on a daily basis.  Be a police officer, not just a badge number.

Out of State Certified Officers with a Minimum of Two Years of Experience:

Eligible for a $3,000 hiring bonus paid in three installments

$1,000 upon completion of NH Law Package Training

$1,000 upon completion of one year

$1,000 upon completion of two years

Most out of state officers qualify for a “law package” course at the NH state police academy which consists of day classes to acquaint the out of state officer with our laws.  These officers are not required to attend the full sixteen week residential academy. 

Academy FAQs:  https://www.pstc.nh.gov/faq/index.htm

Applications for the full-time position will be accepted from both certified (NH and Out of State) and non-certified applicants until filled.  Applications for the part-time positions will be accepted from NH certified officers only.

Base pay full-time (no experience):  $47,777.60 annually  

Certified/experienced officers:  $51,750.40 annually or more (based on experience/qualifications) 

Pay range part-time (certified officers): $20-$22 hourly

Both certified and uncertified officers are eligible for entry into the STEP raise system for full-time employees.  Part time officers are not eligible.

To Apply: 

Please mail application with cover letter and resume to:

Marlborough Police Department

PO Box 487, Marlborough, NH 03455 

Applications can be picked up at the station, Marlborough Town Clerk’s Office, or downloaded from https://www.marlboroughnh.org/police-department/pages/forms-and-documents


Email:  zdbyam@marlboroughnh.org

Check out our website at: https://www.marlboroughnh.org/police-department

Our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/marlboroughpd/

Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled. 

Equal Opportunity Employer.




Town of Marlborough
Close Date: 
Sunday, January 31, 2021