Police Officer

The Marlborough, New Hampshire Police Department is currently recruiting for a full-time police officer.  We also have opportunities for qualified individuals to work on a part-time basis. 

The Town of Marlborough is a small but relatively busy community that has been consistently supportive of its police department.  Each full-time officer living within a reasonable response time to Marlborough is assigned their own take-home cruiser outfitted with modern equipment.  Advanced and varied training opportunities are not only available but encouraged for our officers on a regular basis.  Our employees are provided excellent health and dental insurance, as well as other competitive benefits (paid vacation, personal time, sick leave, holidays paid at double-time & a half, state retirement).  Officers have additional earning opportunities such as voluntary overtime coverage, on call pay, and private details.  Officers work four ten hour shifts per week (days and evenings; no midnights; no mandated overtime shifts). Our agency utilizes outer vest carriers, body-worn cameras, and has a policy allowing for professionally worn beards and tattoos.  The health and happiness of our employees is paramount.

Candidates must be a U.S. citizen, at least 21 years old upon date of hire (18 for part-time positions) and pass the following to be considered for employment: physical agility test, oral board, background investigation, medical exam, and psychological evaluation.  Uncertified candidates will be required to sign a three-year training agreement prior to attending the academy.  Current physical fitness standards can be found at https://www.pstc.nh.gov/faq/index.htm#fitnesstest

Some parts of the hiring process may be waived or modified for certified officers at the discretion of the police chief. 


NH Certified Officers:

The current pay range for this position, based on a seven-step scale, is $30.42 to $39.24 per hour ($63,273 to $81,619 annually).

Out of State Certified Applicants:

Most out of state officers qualify for a “law package” course at the NH police academy which consists of day classes to acquaint the out of state officer with our laws.  These officers are not required to attend the full sixteen-week academy.  Out of state officers in good standing will be given preference and every effort will be made to limit the amount of travel required during the hiring process. 

Academy FAQs:  https://www.pstc.nh.gov/faq/index.htm

Pay Scale:

The Marlborough Police Department uses the NH State Police pay scale/step raise system as a guideline for annual wage increases.  

Trainee base pay (no prior experience/uncertified):  $25.87 per hour ($53,809 annually) increasing to $30.42 per hour ($63,273 annually) upon successful completion of the academy and field training.

Certified/lateral officers:  $30.42 per hour ($63,273 annually) or more (based upon experience and qualifications). 

Top STEP:  $39.24 per hour ($81,619 annually)

To Apply: 

Applications will be accepted from both certified (NH and Out of State) and uncertified applicants until filled.  Applicants with an interest in an open position are encouraged to stop by the station to meet our staff and learn more about the hiring process.

Please mail or deliver application with cover letter and resume to:

Chief Zachary Byam

Marlborough Police Department

PO Box 487, Marlborough, NH 03455

Applications may be picked up at the police station or Marlborough Town Clerk’s Office located at 236 Main Street Marlborough, NH 03455.  They may also be downloaded from https://www.marlboroughnh.org/police-department/pages/forms-and-documents


Email:  zdbyam@marlboroughpd.org

Website: https://www.marlboroughnh.org/police-department

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/marlboroughpd/


Town of Marlborough
Close Date: 
Tuesday, December 31, 2024
$30.42 to $39.24 per hour