Parks & Recreation Ventilation System

2021- Parks and Recreation Ventilation System – 15



The Town of Deerfield is seeking sealed bids for installation of a ventilation system, such as an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), in the Parks and Recreation Department to meet minimum outdoor air requirements.  The bid proposal shall include the following proposal detail with cost:

·        Provide and install ventilation system to exhaust classroom stale air and introduce clean outside air into the building.

·        Looking to ventilate approximately 1,450 cfm of area

·        Intake and exhaust ductwork located in attic and feed each individual classroom.

·        Removal of 2 existing exhaust fans and re-purpose curbs for intake and exhaust.

·        Occupancy sensors and low voltage controls.

·        Line voltage work, plumbing, patching, painting, coring, framing, sheetrock and plaster repairs

Interested Bidders are required to meet with the Facility Supervisor and Building Inspector to view the site requirements and gain access to facility.

All questions and requests for appointments can be directed to the Facility Supervisor, Raymond Ellis, 603-463-8811, ext. 330 or

Once a bid is awarded, work is expected to begin as soon as possible.

Bid Submission

·        Provide proof of current liability insurance with the Bid.

·        Please mark each bid envelope clearly with:  “2021- Parks and Recreation Ventilation System – 15”

All bids must be received at the Board of Selectmen’s Office by no later than Wednesday, May 26, 2021 by 2:00 pm.  Mail all sealed bids to “Board of Selectmen”, 8 Raymond Road, P.O. Box 159, Deerfield, NH 03037.

·       Bids shall be opened and read aloud at the June 7, 2021 meeting of the Board of Selectmen. 

·       No bidder may withdraw a Bid within 30 days of the actual date of bid opening.

·       A conditional or qualified Bid will not be accepted.

·        The Town may waive or offer a limited opportunity for a Bidder to cure immaterial deviations from the RFB requirements if it is determined to be in the best interest of the Town.

·       The Town of Deerfield reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Town of Deerfield
Close Date: 
Wednesday, May 26, 2021