Grange Entry Doors



Proposals Due: 4:00 p.m. August 17th

Mandatory Site Meeting: schedule with Code Enforcement Officer

The Town of Swanzey (the Town) is soliciting proposals from qualified firms (Contractors) for the replacement of 5 wood doors on the Grange Hall located at 625 Old Homestead Highway.  For more information interested contractors can contact Code Enforcement Officer Mike Jasmin.

Summary & Background

The Golden Rod Grange No. 114 was built in 1916 and stands in the village center of Swanzey, on the west side of New Hampshire Route 32 (Old Homestead Highway) opposite Swanzey  Town Hall. The little-altered building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. It is a two-story rectangular wooden structure, with a gabled roof and clapboarded exterior. The interior is divided into a meeting and dining hall with kitchen on the ground floor, and auditorium with antechamber on the upper level. In the auditorium, the roof's Warren trusses are exposed. Most of the original wall finishes are plaster and pine, although these have been covered in some areas, its layout typifying functions commonly supported by New England Grange chapters. The building is now maintained by the Swanzey Preservation Society and the Town of Swanzey.

 Scope of Work / Specification of Material

·         This project can be worked on 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

·         Remove and replace 4 Douglas Fir entry doors and remove and replace one double Douglas Fir entry door.

·         Keeping the area around the exterior of the work site clean and free of hazards is an absolute must.

·         The doors rough openings may require sill repair and/or reframing the double door in front will require the existing “header” be removed and perhaps replaced.

·         Exterior trim to be clear pine dimensions to match existing.

·         Interior trim and or extension jambs are not part of the scope of work for this phase.

·         The doors (see unapproved attachment) and hardware will be supplied by the Town as Hamshaw Lumber has graciously donated materials at a donated discount to the Town.  

·         The demolition will be done by the contractor into containers provided by the Town of Swanzey.

·         The doors and exterior trim will need to be primed (oil) and painted (latex) on all 4 sides (colors TBD).

·         Construction of a simple mono pitched roof over emergency egress door upstairs to divert weather.

General Information

Award of Contract – It is the policy of the Town of Swanzey that contracts are awarded only to responsible vendors. In order to qualify as responsible, a prospective vendor must meet the following standards as they relate to this request: have adequate financial resources for performance or have the ability to obtain such resources as required during performance; have the necessary experience, organization, technical and professional qualifications, skills and facilities; be able to comply with the proposed or required time of completion or performance schedule; and have a demonstrated satisfactory record of performance.

Approved Alternates – All specified materials are subject to “approved equal” submissions, all approved equal submissions need to have complimentary manufacturer supplied specification data.

Selection – It is the policy of the Town of Swanzey to select vendors on the basis of the best overall value to the Town.  Some of the factors considered when determining the best overall value are: Price, Quality, Warranty, Service, Availability, Past Performance with the Town of Swanzey, and References.

Pricing – All prices should include all labor and material costs, and any discounts offered.

Governing law – All contracts entered into by the Town shall be governed by the laws of the State of New Hampshire. Any claims arising out of the contract shall be brought only in the Hillsborough County Superior Court. 

Payment – The Town and the Contractor may mutually agree to intermediary payments at stages of completion of the project. At least one quarter (1/4) of the total cost will be retained until the project is 100% completed.

Insurance – The successful Contractor, prior to the execution of the contract, must produce a certificate of insurance, naming the Town an Additionally Named Insured, for the following types and levels of coverage:

·         Workers Compensation                      Statutory

·         Automobile and Equipment               $1 Million/$2 Million

·         Property Damage                               $1 Million/$2 Million

·         General Liability                                $1 Million/$2 Million  

Submission Information

All Respondents shall:

1.      Return a signed copy of the attached Cost Proposal sheet;

2.      Show evidence of familiarity with work of comparable scope and size in the form of at least three references; and

3.      At the Contractor’s discretion supply the Town with additional qualifications, experience, and references.

Proposals must be received at the Swanzey Town Hall, P.O. Box 10009 (620 Old Homestead Highway) Swanzey, NH 03446 no later than 4:00 p.m. on August 17th 2020. Proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud at 4:05 this day. Each proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked: “Grange Doors” 

The Town of Swanzey reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or accept the proposal the Town deems to be in its best interest, regardless of the lowest proposal amount. The Town reserves the right to request additional data or information or a presentation in support of written proposals, however the Town may award a contract based on the offers received, without additional submissions. The proposal should be submitted on the most favorable terms, from all aspects, which the contractor can submit. The Town reserves all rights to negotiate with the contractor of its choice based not solely upon cost, but on the qualifications and ability of the contractor to perform, consistent with the Town’s intent, requirements, time schedule, and funds availability. The Town further reserves the right to:

  • Not award a contract for the requested services;
  • Waive any irregularities or informalities in any proposals;                                        
  • Accept the proposal deemed to be the most beneficial to the public and the Town;
  • Negotiate and accept, without advertising, the proposal of any other company in the event a contract cannot be successfully negotiated with the selected firm; and
  • Retain products submitted by companies for its own use at its sole discretion.

Any questions regarding this project should be directed to Code Enforcement Officer, Mike Jasmin 603-352-7411 extension 105 or 603-209-4068

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Monday, August 17, 2020