Architectural & Engineering Design Services

The Town of Raymond, NH is soliciting letters of interest, qualification statements and a fee table for architectural and engineering services related to the reuse of the Town’s Historic Old Firehouse for Town Offices.

The Town is interested securing services to aid the Town in refining internal floor plan configuration(s) for the renovation the Town’s existing Old Firehouse with an eye toward energy efficiency, code compliance and consolidation of Town Office functions. The initial effort would involve a very schematic evaluation for development of order of magnitude cost estimates.

Anticipated professional service needs included; architectural design, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, code compliance and possibly interior architectural input.

This RFPQ is to select a consultant to assist the Town is refining conceptual space planning effort and to prepare a preliminary design and construction cost estimates to be submitted for consideration by the Raymond Board of Selectmen. Depending on the working relationship developed during this planning effort, the Town may elect to continue with the selected consultant or re-advertise the project for final design and construction documents. The consultant selection is based on a Qualification-Based Selection process. Up to three candidates will be short listed and interviewed by the Town. The final candidate will be chosen by the Town based on the best qualifications and experience.

The following are the submission requirements for this RFQP. Interested firms should submit four copies of their response package. Statements should include the following minimum information, which will be used to evaluate the firms. Please keep RFQP submittal to a maximum of 18 pages.

                  1.             Name, address, brief history and description of the size and experience of the assembled team. Include an organizational chart identifying the team leader.

                  2.             Provide resumes of key personnel to be assigned to this project.

                  3.             Provide examples of similar municipal building reuse projects. Include a description of projects designed by the firm, and related references.

                  4.             A brief description of the firm’s approach to planning and design to meet the

Town’s stated goals.

                  5.             On a separate sheet, provide a table identifying the hourly rates for each of the positions likely to be involved in this effort for each firm as well as rates for reimbursable costs.

                  6.             Include any other information you consider pertinent to your firm’s consideration.


Submissions are to be labeled:


and delivered in a sealed envelope by 3:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday, October 30,2019 to:  Town of Raymond Public Works Department - Building Division, 4 Epping Street, Raymond, NH  03077

The Town of Raymond reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions, to waiver technical or legal deficiencies, and to accept, in part of or in whole, any submission that it deems, at its sole discretion, to be in the best interest of the Town of Raymond. The Town also reserves the right to cancel this Request for Proposal and Qualifications at any time for any reason.

Questions may be directed to:

Joseph S. Ilsley - Town Manager   603-895-7006

Stephen Brewer - Director of Public Works   603-895-7035

James DeBonis - Building Foreman   603-895-7042





Town of Raymond
Request for Proposal
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Wednesday, October 30, 2019