ADA Facilities Compliance Estimates

The Waterville Estates Village requests ADA proposals with a response with rates and estimated cost by December 13 at 11 AM either email to my email  or delivered attention John Scruton, Waterville Estates Village District, 562 Winterbrook Road, Campton, NH 03223

For the following three areas of the Community Center and the Ski Lodge review: 

1. Accessible access to the building, 

2.Accessible routes within the building. and 

3 Accessible rest rooms.

Provide information on what exactly needs to be done to comply to applicable ADA requirements considering construction date and use. 

We would like hourly rate and estimate for time and expenses.


John Scruton

Interim General Manager

Waterville Estates Village District

562 Winterbrook Road,  Campton, NH 03223

Phone: (603) 726-3082; Fax: (603) 726-8611

Waterville Estates Village District
Request for Proposal
Close Date: 
Monday, December 13, 2021