vacancy in local governments

LEGAL Q&A: How to Fill a Vacancy on an Elected Board

Now that election season is over and we are reaching the summer months, it is unfortunate yet inevitable that some towns may experience vacancies in their elected positions. Local officials can unexpectedly resign, move out of town or even pass away, leaving their position vacant and in need of replacement. The process for filling a vacancy can depend on how the vacancy came about and what position has been left vacant. This article will cover some of the basics when it comes to vacancies.

Filling a Vacancy in Local Government

A significant number of citizens are required to fill the positions of authority in a municipality. Some are elected, such as selectmen and the town clerk. Others may be appointed, such as members of the conservation commission or recreation commission. Town meeting determines whether land use board members, the police chief, the fire chief, the road agent, the auditor, the overseer of public welfare, the treasurer, the tax collector and others are elected or appointed.