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A Virtual Hard Road to Travel Workshop

A significant timber removal operation is proposed and the road agent is concerned about damage to the adjacent town road, what can the Select Board do?

How does the Select Board approve the use of our Class VI Roads by OHRV’s and Snowmobiles?

Under what circumstances can the town agree to plow or maintain a Class VI or Private Road?

Roads Created by Prescription Are Not Yesterday’s Problem

Imagine this:

Managing Municipal Records

Municipalities have a lot of documents and records to keep track of. Every department, employee, board and official generates and receives hundreds (or thousands) of records per year. Although many of them do not need to be retained, those which do must be managed somehow. In this Legal Q&A, we’ll look at some of the more common questions regarding the efficient management of municipal records.

Q: Where should municipal records be kept? Are there any laws or rules?