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TULIP Program – A Guide for Users

Pay Attention: Traffic Work Zone Safety for Employees

Safe and efficient movement of traffic through a work zone is a primary concern for municipal public works agencies. As traffic continues to increase across New Hampshire, worker safety during road improvement projects is a top priority. The need for standardized control is especially critical when the abnormal conditions of a temporary traffic control zone make travel hazardous for the motoring public and pedestrians.

FMLA, ADA and Workers' Compensation: How the Laws Interact

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article is an updated version of one that appeared in the Fall 2010 edition of LGC's A Matter of Trust—Leading the Way newsletter on the same topic.

Equipment Breakdown: Prevention and Coverage

It is a particularly harsh cold spell in the middle of January. Or, imagine it is a winter day last year! The last bell rings at the elementary school on Friday afternoon. A little while later, the last student, teacher and custodian has left for the long Martin Luther King Jr./Civil Rights Day weekend. The custodian is driving by the school on Sunday night and decides to check up on things. As he approaches the entrance door, he notices the door’s glass is covered with frost—and it appears to be on the inside of the door.

Pool and Beach Openings Call for ‘Safety First’

Summer is still a few months off. But it’s not too early for aquatic facilities directors to start thinking about how to keep pool and beach patrons safe.

Your first order of business should be the warning sign.

Public Risk Pools—Ownership in the Process

Across the country, local governments join public risk pools to underwrite both expected and unexpected losses. Coverage offered through risk pools is specifically designed to meet the needs of participating groups, and local governments have a vested interest in the performance of the pool. Most importantly, schools, municipalities and counties that participate in risk pools have ownership in the process.

Bond Coverage for Public Employees: What Every Government Entity Needs to Know

On a fairly regular basis you can read a newspaper article or watch a television news report documenting an account of misappropriation of a private employer's money by one of his or her own employees. Sometimes these accounts involve small amounts of money. At other times, they involve significant amounts used by employees to take expensive trips or to purchase luxurious vacation homes, all on the employer's dime. This also happens in the public sector, but probably less frequently.

Fitting In: Industrial Ergonomics for Municipalities

The U.S. Department of Labor defines ergonomics as the science of "fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population." Effective and successful fits assure high productivity, avoidance of illness and injury risks and increased satisfaction among the workforce.

The goal of a successful ergonomics program is to decrease injuries by reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Common examples of musculoskeletal disorders include muscle strains along with back, shoulder, leg, arm and hand injuries.

The Risk Pool Advantage

It has been called the single most successful example of interlocal cooperation. It has saved millions of taxpayer dollars and thousands of lives. It is a model that has been copied by such public sector businesses as auto dealers, golf course owners, the hospitality industry and more. It is being talked about by Congress and the President as a potential solution to the health care crisis.

What is “It?” “It” is risk pooling: towns, cities and schools working together cooperatively to pool insurance coverage dollars and create their own “insurance” company.

The Car Control Program: Providing Skills and Training to School and Municipal Drivers

Two officers responding to the same call arrive at the same intersection from different directions at the same time. A crash seems inevitable, even to them. The crash never happens.

The town assessor is downtown on a rainy Saturday morning with her husband, who drives a truck. She backs the Yukon into the parallel parking spot right in front of the store.