HR REPORT: To Mandate or Not to Mandate – The Vaccine Question on Everyone’s Mind

As of the date this article was written, over 89 million Americans are fully vaccinated, or have received their first vaccine shot, against COVID-19. President Biden has committed that will be sufficient supplies of vaccines for all adults by May 1st.  While the prospect of “herd immunity” and thus a hoped-for return to “normality” remains a relatively distant prospect, the increasingly ready availability of the vaccine has caused employers to ask themselves – What would higher vaccination rates among my employees mean for my workplace?

Healthcare Reform Overview

Federal healthcare reform is a source of confusion for many in local government. While many regulations and rules have already been issued by federal agencies, there is much guidance still to be issued and finalized. This article provides a summary of certain provisions of the new federal healthcare legislation and their immediate impact upon employer group health plans through 2013, with a brief summary of future provisions.

So It’s a Mandate! Whattaya Goin’ to Do About It?

By far the loudest complaint heard at any level of government, below the federal level, is that some action or expenditure they are being required to undertake is a “mandate". Either the Feds are requiring something of the states and/or local governments, or the State is requiring something of local governments. Invariably, these requirements necessitate raising and expending tax revenues.