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Timber Harvesting and Local Government

According to the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, 84% of New Hampshire is forested, and of this forested acreage, 94% is classified as timberland.  Timberland is defined as land that is producing or capable of producing crops of wood.  Guide to New Hampshire Timber Harvesting Law. 

This article will provide a synopsis of the laws governing timber harvesting, with a particular focus on taxation, land use and local roads.

2021 Local Officials Workshop

Presented by NHMA's Legal Services attorneys, these complimentary live virtual workshops provide municipal officials with the tools and information to effectively serve your communities.  This workshop is tailored for new and experienced municipal officials. 

State Preemption of Local Regulation

Anyone who has been to a few NHMA workshops or read our articles in Town & City is probably familiar with the idea that New Hampshire is not a “home rule” state. Cities and towns have only the powers the legislature has expressly given them. All municipal authority must find its basis in some state law.