New Hampshire’s Water Assets Under Pressure: Municipal Dams

This is the fourth of a four-part series focusing on the State’s water infrastructure: public drinking water, wastewater, storm water and dams. Each article has spotlighted a municipal system; addressed critical needs of that infrastructure system; and outlined funding sources available to municipalities today that may be used to maintain and sustain these critically important infrastructure systems.

Words Matter: A Look at Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

"You mean I can't say that?"
"She's just too sensitive!"
"That's not what I meant."

It's likely that at one time or another you, or someone you know, has heard these words from a coworker or supervisor. What you may not have realized, however, is that the speaker could be breaking the law.

Pay Attention: Traffic Work Zone Safety for Employees

Safe and efficient movement of traffic through a work zone is a primary concern for municipal public works agencies. As traffic continues to increase across New Hampshire, worker safety during road improvement projects is a top priority. The need for standardized control is especially critical when the abnormal conditions of a temporary traffic control zone make travel hazardous for the motoring public and pedestrians.

Strategies for Managing Fire Departments in the Digital Age

Managing a fire department has never been easy, but it has never been quite as challenging as it is today. Fire service leaders face numerous obstacles, including:

Public Employee Retirement Benefits: Defined Contribution vs. Defined Benefit Plans

Hardly a week goes by without a state or national news story about public employee pension benefits. Within the past few years, national associations and research institutes such as the National Conference of State Legislators, the Pew Research Center, the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, and the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, as well as numerous actuarial consulting firms have released dozens of studies, reports, white papers, issue briefs and summaries about the financial status of public employee pension programs and changes being enacted.

Securing Municipal Walls: Safeguarding Employees & Assets from Data Attacks

In the past year the news has been inundated with stories of hacking attacks on some of the biggest corporations in the United States including LinkedIn, Yahoo, TJX, Sony PlayStation, and even the FBI. The easiest method hackers use to infiltrate an organization is through an employee. It is important to understand that usernames and passwords are an outdated notion akin to protecting a municipality with a wall. It is very typical for a hacker to track an employee and "phish" for information.

Fire Chiefs and the Law: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

There are many liability challenges facing today's fire service and fire chiefs. Constantly changing civil rights laws and technology have brought issues forth never conceived of before that are now an everyday occurrence.

Ever think you would have to worry about one of your staff immediately videotaping an emergency and, within a minute or two, uploading it to the Internet for broadcast around the world? What is social media and why do you need a policy on it? Welcome to fire service concerns of the 21st century.

Pool and Beach Openings Call for ‘Safety First’

Summer is still a few months off. But it’s not too early for aquatic facilities directors to start thinking about how to keep pool and beach patrons safe.

Your first order of business should be the warning sign.

Dealing with Personnel Issues: You Don't Have to Go It Alone

By Barry Cox

Whether you work for a county, municipality, school or other local governmental agency, your supervisory job likely finds you confronted with the sometimes difficult task of managing people.

Hiring, Handbooks and Handling Discipline
Hiring people is often considered one of the more pleasant tasks of a manager. But even that task can be like walking through a mine field. Consider the following questions before your next hiring process begins:

Lifeguards, Beaches and Pools: How to Ensure Your Summer Services are Successful

By Kerry Horne

The pools are all drained, the lakes are frozen and most of us are longing for the warm, lazy days of summer. If you are a recreation director or a pool or water front supervisor, you are probably knee deep in updating your aquatic policies, rules and regulations as well as hiring lifeguards to gear up for another busy swimming season.