intergovernmental agreements

Inter-Municipal Sharing Agreements: What’s New?

The July/August 2010 issue of New Hampshire Town and City magazine ran a series of articles under the banner, “Beyond the Sandbox: Sharing Services through Inter-Municipal Cooperation, Collaboration and Innovation.” The centerpiece of that series was a research summary of the New Hampshire Municipal Association’s (NHMA) first statewide survey of inter-municipal agreements.

Multiple Levels of Emergency Preparedness: Where Do Municipalities Fit?

In recent years, we have been bombarded by almost daily reports of potential pandemics, natural disasters and concerns about terrorist attacks. These events range from local to statewide, national to global. The size of the emergency can dictate how many layers of government agencies will be involved. In almost all cases, however, local government will be the first to respond.

Tri-Town Assessing: An Innovative Intergovernmental Agreement

One very effective statutory provision in terms of operational efficiencies is the authority granted under RSA 53-A allowing municipalities to enter into intergovernmental agreements.

Satisfaction and Savings: Private Contracting in New Hampshire

New Hampshire citizens have come to rely on local governments for a wide variety of services, both seasonally and year-round. At the same time, these citizens are ever mindful of the costs of these services.

Local Government Influenza Pandemic Planning

Editor’s Note: As this publication was going to press, the World Health Organization released information regarding several cases of avian flu in Turkey. On January 13, the state Department of Health and Human Services announced that New Hampshire will receive $813,384 in federal funding to assist with the development of pandemic plans at the state and local level. This funding is part of $100 million distributed nationally.