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A Healthy Workplace: Whose Job Is It, Anyway?

A healthy workplace is a shared responsibility between the employer and the employee. Not only are the physical, emotional and mental health of individual employees at risk in a stress-filled workplace, but the organization also faces risks when stress levels stay elevated. According to a 2006 study by, a website devoted to human resources concerns, stress costs United States businesses more than $300 billion annually.

Healthcare Cost-Containment Strategies

In 2009, annual healthcare spending in the United States reached $2.5 trillion. This unprecedented level of spending accounted for almost 18 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). This same year in New Hampshire the cost of healthcare amounted to $10.0 billion. Similar to national rates, 18 percent of New Hampshire’s GDP was for healthcare expenditures.

Community Spotlight: City of Keene in National Spotlight for Let's Move Efforts

When City of Keene Mayor P. Dale Pregent picked up the phone in early January, he was surprised to learn the call was from the White House, with an invitation to serve as the official New England host city for a first anniversary celebration of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign. "It took me all of about a minute to say "Yes!"" recalls Mayor Pregent.

New Hampshire School Children Getting Healthy by Eating Fresh, Local Food

New Hampshire school administrators, nutrition professionals, nurses, teachers and local farmers didn’t need a celebrity chef coming to town to get inspired to change the way our kids eat. With no film crew, no media buzz, creative people have been at work for years in New Hampshire to bring healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables into our schools, and they’re getting results.

LGC Members Launch Enticing Wellness Programs to Benefit Their Employees

By Lynn Sperl

Specialty Pharmacy Drugs: Use Them Prudently for Cost Effectiveness

Specialty pharmacy refers to the latest generation of high-tech, usually biologically manufactured, drugs that are used for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer treatments. On average, these drugs cost about $150 a day for each specialty drug user, and some can be as high as $500 per day for a maintenance drug or $700 per day for acute medications. The annual cost per specialty drug is about $4,000 a year for each user.

Centers of Excellence

Time Management: Get Control of It Before It Gets Control of You

By Ronald P. O’Keefe

“We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch."
– President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend."
– Greek Philosopher Theophrastus

You’ve probably heard these catchy quotations on time. But why don’t we ever have enough of it? And how often do you leave work only to ask yourself, “What did I get accomplished today?"

Whether in the workplace or at home, time is your most valuable asset. And learning how to improve time management is the key to a more productive and reduced stress life.

Slice of Life Program Shows Positive Results

New Hampshire Local Government Center (LGC) has invested heavily in worksite health and risk management since 2004. This long-term strategy was targeted to reduce costs associated with employee and retiree risk and modifiable health behaviors. Reduced healthcare consumption may shrink short-term costs but, if it’s at the expense of long-term costs from poorly controlled chronic conditions, then LGC and its member groups would be even less well off.

Worksite Health Promotion: Keene Middle School Demonstrates Best Practices

This year’s American College of Sports Medicine Summit, held March 24–27 in Atlanta, placed major emphasis on worksite health promotion and how to move employees to a higher level of wellness. Keynote speakers and workshop presenters highlighted topics ranging from how to develop wellness programs on a limited budget to creating a culture of health and developing programming using the FIT (Fact-based, Integrated across the organization and Targeted to need) design.

The FIT Model

The Price of Healthcare in New Hampshire Affects Us All

In the past two years, New Hampshire Local Government Center’s (LGC) HealthTrust has partnered with several other large public purchasers, including the State of New Hampshire Employee Health Benefits Program, the University System of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire School Health Care Coalition to determine ways to lower the cost of healthcare while improving quality and the health and wellness of all employees.

Cost Variations