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Human Impact Preparedness for Municipalities Ensuring Continuity of Services During Crisis

Municipal leaders face a tremendous challenge when it comes to emergency management and crisis response. While many other organizations such as those in the manufacturing or service sectors have the opportunity to temporarily suspend operations, municipalities have no such luxury; their Return Time Objectives are immediate.

Volunteers and Liability: An Overview of Legal Protections and Municipal Exposure

In recent years New Hampshire has seen its share of tragedy and disaster. One of the positive aspects of these events has been a renewed interest in volunteerism. At the local level, our citizens assist their communities in every aspect of civic life, including the provision of municipal services. New Hampshire also has resources at the state level to encourage and support volunteerism. The Volunteer NH! organization has placed information, tools and training resources on the Web at www.volunteernh.org.

Influenza Pandemic Planning in New Hampshire

By Neil Twitchell

Local Government Influenza Pandemic Planning

Editor’s Note: As this publication was going to press, the World Health Organization released information regarding several cases of avian flu in Turkey. On January 13, the state Department of Health and Human Services announced that New Hampshire will receive $813,384 in federal funding to assist with the development of pandemic plans at the state and local level. This funding is part of $100 million distributed nationally.

FEMA Issues Final Report: Independent Evaluation of Recent Flooding in New Hampshire

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has issued its final report on the Independent Evaluation of Recent Flooding in New Hampshire. The evaluation was performed to determine the specific causes of floods of May 2006 and April 2007 in New Hampshire and provide recommendations for improving water management procedures and dam operations to reduce the impacts from future flooding. The evaluation was requested by New Hampshire Governor Lynch following the floods that devastated Southern New Hampshire in 2007.

Rainfall and Runoff