Article 28-a

Municipal State Aid and Revenue Sharing: An In-Depth Review

As we continue to battle the unprecedented pandemic, the state begins preparing its biennium budget for fiscal years 2022 and 2023, and state agencies have already submitted budgets which include significant cuts to programs and operations requested by the Governor.  Towns and cities are also preparing their budgets and bracing for cuts to revenue sharing and state aid in amounts yet unknown—and all the while, continuing to prepare for providing essential public services, including unanticipated COVID-related mitigation expenses.

So It’s a Mandate! Whattaya Goin’ to Do About It?

By far the loudest complaint heard at any level of government, below the federal level, is that some action or expenditure they are being required to undertake is a “mandate". Either the Feds are requiring something of the states and/or local governments, or the State is requiring something of local governments. Invariably, these requirements necessitate raising and expending tax revenues.