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NHMA Webinar - Alien Invasion: Preventing Aquatic Invasive Species in Your Local Waterbodies

Event Date: 22 August, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Contact: Communications and Member Services
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 603.224.7447

New Hampshire has been fighting exotic aquatic plants, such as milfoil and fanwort, since the mid-1960’s and from there it has spread to infest more than 60 waterbodies. Once in the waterbody, continuous management and control practices are the only cost-effective tools to control the nuisance plant growth which research has shown reduces shoreline property values. With over 800 lakes and ponds in the state, the efforts of volunteers in monitoring these waterbodies for new infestations become critical. 

Join Amy Smagula, Exotic Species Program Coordinator with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, John Arruda, Selectboard member in the Town of Madison and Kelly Ainslee Buchanan, Advocacy Coordinator with the New Hampshire Lakes Association, who will discuss what cities and towns can do through the adoption of a local ordinance, education and volunteer training to prevent exotic plant infestations in your local waterbodies. 

This webinar is open to NHMA members and is of interest to all municipal officials and employees and members of the NH LAKES.


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