Knowing the Territory: A Survey of Municipal Law for NH Local Officials (2018)

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Knowing the Territory 2018 Edition

Chapter One: Finding the Law

Chapter Two: the Municipality’s Relationship with Other Governments

Chapter Three: New Hampshire Town Government

Chapter Four: The Selectmen’s Relationship with Other Local Officials

Chapter Five: The Right to Know Law, RSA Chapter 91-A

Chapter Six: The Local Budget Process

Chapter Seven: Welfare of Non-Welfare Officials

Chapter Eight: Property Taxation

Chapter Nine: Liability

Chapter Ten: Streets and Highways

Chapter Eleven: Public Safety

Chapter Twelve: Municipal Employment

Chapter Thirteen: Ethical Issues, Conflicts of Interest and Incompatibility of Office

Chapter Fourteen: Trusts, Reserve Funds and the Role of Trustees


Table of Cases

Table of Constitutional Provisions, Statues and Rules